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Special Classes
Fees for all special classes are incorporated in our tuition. 

Spunky Sports
Spunky Sports is an important part of our curriculum, emphasizing motor skills, following directions, confidence and sportsmanship. 

Music classes are held weekly for all classes. 

Creative Movement
Creative Movement gives each child an opportunity to strengthen their language and motor skills through movement and music. 

Spanish class offers instruction in the Spanish language as well as culture through stories, songs and hands on activities.

In House Field Trips

 We invite excellent performers and instructors to enrich the children’s learning. Our favorites include Natalie Jones the Storyteller, The Little Red Barn Petting Zoo, and Lee Bryan, That Puppet Guy.  We are also visited by community helpers such as the policeman and his dog, the firemen with their truck, and the dentist to teach us oral hygiene.

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