September 4 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Thank you to the Maddox, Garono, Woudstra, Fineo, Smith, Astrauckas, Yerashunas, Blancett, Jamin, Stewart, DeWitt, and Fineo families for their donations of gloves. We are most appreciative and well stocked now!

Thank you to the Sotak family for gifting the faculty of OLA Preschool with custom OLA Preschool masks! We love them! If I missed your family, please let me know.

We will not be able to host Kristin Boyer Photography for individual fall pictures. Kristin has offered family sessions for those interested. Please see the flyer by clicking here.

The Office of Catholic Schools sends frequent updates on the Covid-19 guidelines. The updates will be added to the weekly preschool news, monthly calendars, and classroom news. Please note that if someone in your household is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 or awaiting test results, students must stay home from school.

We are experiencing another issue with our server. A repair call has been placed and we are awaiting assistance. For now, the system blinks on and off every few seconds, affecting the computers and phones. I hope that it will be fixed early next week.

You may notice issues with live stream Masses due to this problem.

The September Newsletter is attached (please click here) and replaces the Preschool Picayune this week.

Tuition statement are being distributed for the fall tuition collection on September 15th. OLA Preschool collects the tuition and no action is needed by parents.

I will wish you all a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!

God Bless,

Debbie Kehoe


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