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Our Goals and Philosophies

Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool seeks:

To provide all children with a developmentally appropriate experience of the Catholic faith.

To provide each child with a healthy, safe, secure, and loving environment filled with positive guidance, nurturing, and attention.


To provide experiences fostering the development of language and literacy.


To provide cognitive learning with experiences in the areas of math, science, social studies, and the arts through developmentally appropriate activities and practices.

To provide the opportunity to to teach children awareness, love, and respect for people of all abilities, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds.

To provide the opportunity for children to learn to appreciate and nurture the environment and natural resources in our world.


To encourage individual responsibility for oneself through socialization and the opportunity to succeed as a member of a group.


To provide a play-based atmosphere where children's choices direct their activities, maximizing the positive interaction and minimizing the need for re-direction.

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